Friday, March 17, 2006

Good Luck, Gilad

Gilad Bracha: The goal now is to see how much hotswapping can be done for the platform as a whole, and if we can’t (as I suspect) deliver full hotswapping, whether we can at least support full hotswapping for dynamically typed languages, where the issues are simpler. Whatever support we come up with should be a guaranteed part of the JRE, so developers can rely on it everywhere. If we can get both invokedynamic and full hotswapping for dynamically typed languages working, implementations of languages like Python or Ruby could use the JVM object model directly, and really take advantage of the great performance of JVMs. That’s the holy grail of JSR292. I certainly won’t promise we’ll get all the way. I’ve seen how hard it is to turn ideas like this into a reality for the Java community. There are technical problems, resource problems, political problems .... Still, we’re about to get started (still forming the expert group) so wish us luck.
We may get our wish after all.


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