Friday, February 24, 2006

Zombie March, San Francisco Round 2

I just received this email from the host of a website dedicated to the first march:
Warning! Warning! More Warning! I've been tracking the activities of a particular hoarde of zombies in San Francisco ever since they attacked last July. I was recently blindsided by the discovery of another hoard with different leaders and behavior patterns. They should be considered extremely dangerous until more is known about them. My best prediction is that they will converge on Union Square at 10pm tonight (Friday) and hoard around town drinking 40s and eating pedestrians.. I'm not an expert on this particular group of undead or their mode of operation, so if this matter concerns you, see
I wonder how a baby zombie would go over. ;)


Blogger gnome said...

Zombie babies don't go.. They lurch forward, that's what they do...

2:46 PM  

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