Thursday, September 29, 2005

WebWork in Action

In the past, I've met resistance to WebWork adoption because of its lack of books and documentation. "Struts has 50 books," they would say (ignoring the fact that you need a book to translate all the misnomers). No more! Pat Lightbody and Jason Carreira have released WebWork in Action. One great book about a great framework beats the crap out of 50 mediocre books about a crappy framework any day (nothing against the Struts book authors; Struts books are relegated to mediocrity purely by association *grin*).


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WebWork changed my development life! This book is where i started.

A few years ago i was looking for a new framework to replace Struts which was just so frustrating and tiresome to use.

I chose to use WebWork and havent looked back. Ive evaluated JSF, but cant see any real benefits im going to gain over WebWork.

Somehow i feel Opensymphony have been cheated with Struts 2.0. Struts has the industry name behind it and Struts 2.0 is basically WebWork rebranded! I suppose its going to give WebWork more support - but i like the WebWork name.

So yeah..... buy this. Even now, most of the book is applicable to Struts 2.0 (the concepts anyway) - maybe they should rebrand the book and resell it as Struts 2.0 in action - they might make a mint.

Dave Casserly

4:45 PM  

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