Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Developer Day Videos on YouTube

I found an RSS feed of the Google Developer Day videos (or at least those tagged with googledeveloperday). I should see mine pop up in Google Reader any minute now.

Feedback on my Guice talk in Beijing

Someone already blogged about my Guice talk:

The attendees yesterday were very passionate and excited. It was as exhausting as any conference but well worth it.

I suppose the Google Developer Day in Mountain View is going on as we speak. You can still catch the live streams of the last sessions.

Photo credit: Tina Tao

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm all atwitter.

In case you're interested. I also discovered you can use Google to search Twitter for long lost friends.

I'm not sure if I'll stick with this or not. I need to give FaceBook a try, too.

Can't make it to China?

I'll give an encore presentation of my Guice talk as part of the Open Source Developers @ Google Speaker Series at the Google campus on June 5th. The talk is open to the public. We'll meet in building 43 at 6:30PM. The talk starts at 7. Hope to see you there!

My flight arrives on the 4th. Think I'll be jet lagged? :)

Guice in Beijing

I'm speaking in Beijing tomorrow at the Google Developer Day. I just arrived. 4:30 AM EST, 7:30 PM local time, quite a difference. I'm having trouble getting my head around the time change. I feel a little loopy but excited as this is my first time in Asia. Taking business class certainly helped. I forgot my extra camera battery and my VPN card. Mental note: keep a written checklist next time.

I deliberately left the grounded extension cable to my MacBook Pro at home. At the time, something in the back of my mind told me I shouldn't, and that something was right. I brought an airline adapter which proved useless--my seat had a US power outlet. Unfortunately, the power brick wouldn't fit in the little nook where the outlet was. The extension cable would have worked perfectly. Luckily, I brought 3 batteries.

My room at the Hotel Nikko has US power outlets, too. My T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl works just fine, even as a bluetooth modem.

I'm sticking around for the weekend for a little a sightseeing. I plan on visiting the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. Drop me a line if you're in the area or if you have any travel tips.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

@ Maker Faire Today

Creatively Cropped Popping Balloon

I'll be taking pictures with my new camera and trying to teach my two-year-old how to solder. Email me if you're around:

The picture above if from the high speed photography exhibit at last year's faire.

As an aside, I think it's time for me to sign up for Twitter so I can post announcements like this there. If you're on Twitter already, please send me your info so I don't get lonely.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Google Developer Podcast: Guice

Dick and Carl from the Java Posse teamed up with Dion Almaer to kick off the official Google Developer Podcast. I sat in and we talked about Guice for the premier episode. If you've ever wondered what a St. Louis accent sounds like, here's your chance to find out.

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