Friday, May 19, 2006

JavaOne: Struts Action 2.0

Does JSF's complexity make your head spin? You're in luck. The WebWork and Struts teams have combined efforts to build the next generation web action framework: Struts Action 2.0 (a separate but equal sister sub project to Struts Shale). Pat Lightbody, Jason Carreira, and Don Brown announced the merger in a Wednesday talk to quite a crowd (98% of which uses Struts Action 1), and the Struts team met in person later that day to hammer out the details of the API and project plan. At times like this, meeting face to face trumps collaborating asynchronously via email, and JavaOne provided the perfect opportunity. Based on the meeting and considering how Struts Action 2.0 builds on WebWork 2.2, I think you can look forward to an initial release in late summer or early fall.


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