Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Improving Cell Phone Internet Performance

I've been dialing into the net via my cell phone using T-Mobile GPRS. I get a couple k per second and the latency is deadly (up to a few seconds). I want an accelerating HTTP proxy with a client and server component. The server would parse the HTML and download all the images, css, and javascript and send them to the client in one package avoiding the costly round trips. Second, the proxy would maintain one continuous connection so you don't have to create a new connection for each site. I have a feeling the syn/ack/synack handshake for each site slows things down considerably. The proxy could also compress all the traffic. I just realized I can accomplish the second goal using SSH and dynamic port forwarding (it's essentially a SOCKS proxy). SSH can compress all traffic, and I would only have only one connection running over the slow cell phone network. SSH can tide me over for a while, but I may see about implementing the first goal unless someone points me to prior art. It shouldn't be too difficult. Makes me wish I had a static IP again. :(


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